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Our alpaca wool bears the certification of the International Alpaca Association.

At Norgäte, caring is at the core of everything we do. We care about you, the environment, the people who work alongside us, the artisans who passionately knit and sew for Norgäte, and the far-reaching impact our clothing has on our world. Our belief in transparency and sustainable manufacturing practices drives us. We proudly hold fair trade certification, ensuring that our workshops provide safe, discrimination-free environments and do not involve child labor. Our commitment goes beyond; these workshops receive fair compensation, benefits, and educational support.

Year after year, we dedicate our focus to understanding and meeting the unique needs of each workshop, fostering their growth and amplifying their production capacities, which in turn boosts their incomes. Our efforts are channeled into imparting knowledge and compassion, addressing their needs holistically. Every decision we make has a lasting effect, so we approach each choice with meticulous care.

Our partners have been meticulously selected, with each adhering to the highest ethical and sustainable production standards. The products we offer are a result of meticulous craftsmanship, created with dedication and attention by some of the most skilled hands in Peru.

Alpaca certification - Norgate
Certifications. Norgate

Our incredibly soft baby alpaca wool is exclusively manufactured by the main alpaca breeding and yarn factories in Peru: Michell,  Inca Tops and Itessa. 

Peruvian Traditions SAC serves as our headquarters and sourcing company, orchestrating the production of all our garments through collaborative efforts with associated workshops located in Arequipa, Cusco, and Lima.

We are dedicated to using only certified knitting yarns of renowned origin. These yarns are meticulously dyed using biodegradable agents, ensuring they meet stringent international ecological standards and have undergone rigorous testing for harmful substances. We are proud to hold certifications including OEKO-TEX 100, Organic Content Standard, Global Organic Textile Standard, AZO, and REACH, affirming our commitment to quality and sustainability.

Our alpaca wool bears the certification of the International Alpaca Association. These labels stand as symbols of the utmost quality and exceptional durability.


We care. About you, about the environment, about the people that work for us, the people that knit and sew for us, and the impact our clothes make on you and our world.

We believe in transparency and sustainable manufacturing practices. We are fair trade certifed. Our workshops & farms are certifed as safe, free of discrimination and child labour & receive excellent prices, benefits and

Crafted with care & attention, by some of the most skilled hands in Peru.