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Connecting with our mother earth

Knitting Consciousness

NORGÄTE emerged from an unwavering passion for the finest materials, uncompromising quality, transparency, and a resolute commitment to social and environmental sustainability.

Our contribution to the betterment of our planet is resolute. We actively reduce production impact by crafting small quantities of each product and expanding production only when pre-ordered, thereby minimizing waste.

Our design strategy revolves around the three ‘R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Norgäte’s zero-waste fashion approach centers on utilizing precisely the required yarns or fabrics, eliminating pre-consumer textile waste, and focusing on crafting new garments while ingeniously repurposing leftover yarns and fabric remnants.


Each and every NORGÄTE piece is a testament to ethical craftsmanship, lovingly created in Peru. Our commitment extends to ensuring the well-being and job stability of those dedicated to crafting our items. We take immense pride in the strong relationships we've nurtured with these talented individuals.


We are active contributors to sustainable development, prioritizing good working conditions, fair pricing, and safeguarding the rights of our 150 skilled knitters and their families. Through our efforts, we create a positive impact that resonates throughout Peru.


We exclusively select certified yarns from reputable sources, ensuring their origin is well-known. These yarns are dyed using biodegradable dyes that adhere to international ecological standards, having been thoroughly tested for harmful substances. Our certifications from AZO, OEKO-TEX, and REACH validate our dedication to these principles.


Crafting clothing within an equitable environment, driven by the aspiration to create beauty and a sense of well-being, is our steadfast ethos. NORGÄTE's enduring commitment to this vision harmonizes ecological materials with thoughtful design in every collection we curate.

Sustainability. Single Sourcing = Low Carbon Footprint

Through meticulous management of our supply chain’s every stage, we maintain complete control over our production processes, minimizing our value chain’s length.

Opting for single sourcing results in a commendably low carbon footprint, embodying traceability and ethical practices. To align with our goal of lessening our carbon impact while remaining an accessible high-end brand, we’ve established a European distribution hub in Zagreb, Croatia. This strategic move leads to fewer annual air shipments.

Your garments journey to NORGÄTE EU and then directly to you, substantially curtailing the flights within the production and transport processes, and effectively diminishing our collective carbon footprint.