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We wholeheartedly embrace the ethos of slow fashion, fashioning ethically-crafted, comfortable clothing from premium materials meant to stand the test of time.

Transparency, dialogue, and respect form the cornerstone of our philosophy, as we actively strive for fairness in the global trade landscape. Our commitment to sustainable development is unwavering, encompassing improved working conditions, equitable pricing, and safeguarding the rights of our skilled knitters. Enabling a positive influence on our community, the workshops of our Master Craftsmen, and the environment is a core imperative for us.

Peruvian Made

At Norgäte, our dedication to ethical practices drives our sourcing choices. We partner exclusively with reputable Peruvian workshops that align with our stringent ethical standards and uphold superior finishing quality, all while being environmentally responsible. Every aspect of our garments, from yarns and buttons to packaging materials, is sourced within Peru. 

Buttons & Brand Patches​

Our commitment to sustainability extends to our choice of materials. We collaborate with coconut and tagüa buttons, both crafted from renewable resources sourced from nature. Additionally, our brand patches feature piñatex natural leather, a remarkable innovation derived from pineapple leaves, showcasing our dedication to using eco-friendly alternatives.


Our garment labels are crafted from GOTS certified organic cotton fiber. Sourced from Piura, the cotton is cultivated following organic practices. The labels themselves are meticulously woven and printed in Lima, reflecting our commitment to sustainable and locally-conscious production.


Paper & Printing

All paper we utilize for garment tags, marketing materials, and informational purposes is meticulously chosen to uphold the highest eco-friendly standards. Our papers are sourced from recycled materials, ensuring they are acid-free and lignin-free. Moreover, they carry certifications for sustainable forest practices, exemplifying our dedication to responsible sourcing and top-quality environmentally conscious products.

Wool, Fibre, Yarn & Dyed

We source our incredibly soft baby alpaca wool yarn from top-tier certified companies in Peru, including Michel, Inca Tops, and Ittesa. These suppliers prioritize sustainability across economic, environmental, and social aspects. They hold certifications from AZO, OEKO-TEX, and REACH, ensuring the use of biodegradable dyes that adhere to international ecological standards and have been tested for harmful substances.

Organic Dye

In collaboration with our dyehouse partners, we celebrate the mastery of ancestral dyeing processes. Every element employed in this stage is derived from the Andes’ natural resources, brought to life through ancient Inca techniques and the wisdom of our skilled artisans.

Royal Wash

Our washing partner is dedicated to minimizing their carbon footprint by consciously decreasing water consumption, limiting the use of chemical dyestuffs, and conserving energy throughout the production process.

Eco-Cotton Storage Bag

We package our sweaters in eco-cotton storage bags, which offer dual benefits. These cotton garment bags not only shield your clothing from dust, intense sunlight, and moths but also prevent the common wear that can result from items rubbing together in your closet.

Norgäte Lavender bag

Dried lavender has a long history of effectively repelling pests, spanning hundreds of years. Our scented wardrobe sachets, crafted in just the right size, harness this tradition to naturally ward off moths and silverfish, ensuring a pest-free environment for your belongings.

Compostable Packaging for Shipping

We prioritize the environment by using eco-friendly packaging to safeguard your sweater throughout its journey to you