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Our company headquarters Peruvian Traditions S.A.C is in Lima, Peru and our European branch Norgäte j.d.o.o. in Zagreb, Croatia.

We decided to establish our distribution center in Croatia, not only because we have a strong love for the land of our grandpa, but also because we want Norgäte’s garments to contribute to reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible. Our distribution center helps us to have fewer cargo air shipments a year. Your garments are shipped to NORGÄTE EU and then straight to you, reducing the number of flights involved in the production process and overall carbon footprint from transport. This way we are helping our mother earth, we are competitive in logistic prices and we can move Norgäte´s clothes freely within EU territory without any extra costs or restrictions.

Single Sourcing = Low Carbon Footprint

Born in Peru. Made in Peru

Lima, Peru


Claudia Cordero Berkovic
+51 986 49 2583

Zagreb, Croatia


Carlos Cordero Berkovic
+ 385 9 1617 3947